Fuck Yeah Elizabeth Henstridge
Elizabeth Frances Henstridge (born September 11,1987) is an English actress
best know for her role in the ABC television series Marvel's Agents of
S.H.I.E.L.D. She grew up in the northern city of Sheffield in England. Having
gained a first at The University Of Birmingham in Drama and Theatre Arts,
Elizabeth went on to train at the prestigious East 15 Acting School in London.
Having graduated she has landed leading roles in features, television and
theatre. Most notably the much anticipated Brit flick, Tooting Broadway and
the new Butcher Brothers' film, The Thompsons.

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Usually one person doesn’t solve the solution, but 100 people with 1% of the solution that will get it done. I think that’s beautiful, pieces solving a puzzle.

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skimmons + making each other smile

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Agents of SNOW

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Fitzsimmons in Providence

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Fitzsimmons in 1x19 'The Only Light in the Darkness'

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fitzsimmons + names (1x18)

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